A detailed programme will be posted at a later date.

Symposia and Workshops (details added as available)

CPB – Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Symposium:

organized by Tyson MacCormack, Section Chair, Mount Allison University ,

Speakers will be:

Dr. Sonya Auer, Williams College, Massachussets USA; Dr. Philip Matthews, University of British Columbia; and Dr. Meghan Duell, University of Western Ontario: Transitioning through physiology and energetics

Dr. Sonya Auer: Energetic mechanisms for coping with environmental change

Dr. Philip Matthews: How air-breathing insects reinvaded aquatic habitats: respiratory adaptations and consequences

Dr. Meghan Duell: Flying hot and high: Tropical stingless bee flight performance in the warming rainforest canopy”

Joint IEE (Integrative Ecology and Evolution) & CMD (Comparative Morphology and Development) symposium

“Zoological Endeavors Inspired by A. Richard Palmer”.

Organized by Tetsuto Miyashita, Marjan Barazandeh, Christopher B. Cameron.


Richard Strathmann (Friday Harbour Labs): Evidence for Multiple Origins of Feeding Head Larvae by the Early Cambrian.

Heather Jamniczky (University of Calgary): Ontogenetic Trajectories of Skeletal Variation in Threespine Stickleback.

Christopher Cameron (Université de Montréal): Hemichordate Evolution & the Origin of Echinoderms.

Arthur Anker (U. Federal de Goiás): Invitation to Zoology.

Tomonari Kaji (University of Alberta): Transforming Functions: Examples from “Snapping” Claws in Shrimps and Amphipods “

PIE – Parasitology, Immunology and Environment Symposium

“Parasites and the microbiome: from environment to immunity”

Organized by Dr. James Wasmuth (University of Calgary)


Dr. Lisa Reynolds (Dept. Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia): A small intestinal helminth alters the intestinal metabolome and promotes pathogenic bacterial colonization.

Dr. John Parkinson (Dept. of Molecular Medicine, Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto, Ontario): Dissecting parasite-microbe interactions: from communities to neighbours.

Dr. Nolwenn Dheilly (School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, SUNY Stonybrook, USA): The holobione parasite: advances and perspectives.

Local Organizing Committee

“Global Changes in the Anthropocene”

Organizer: Dr. Dennis Higgs (University of Windsor)


Dr. Nigel Hussey (University of Windsor): Animal spatial ecology in a cold hostile world.

Dr. Christina Semenkiuk (University of Windsor):Examining and predicting the adaptive capacity of individuals to cope with environmental change in the Anthropocene.

Dr. Erika Eliason (University of California Santa Barbara): Intraspecific variability in thermal tolerance in Pacific salmon.

Clint Jacobs and Naomi Williams (Walpole Island Heritage Center, Wallaceburg, Ontario): Bkejwanong: Shifts in the Indigenous Cultural Landscape

Fry Lecture – distinguished Canadian Zoologist: Dr. Robert Shadwick of University of British Columbia

Boutilier Lecture – New Investigator Award: Dr. Carol Bucking of York University

Wardle Lecture: Dr. Cameron Goater of University of Lethbridge

Cameron Lecture – outstanding PhD thesis: Tetsuto Miyashita University of Alberta: “Development, Anatomy, and Phylogenetic Relationships of Jawless Vertebrates and Tests of Hypotheses about Early Vertebrate Evolution”

Diversity in Science Workshop – Tamara Franz-Odendaal, NSERC Chair Women Atlantic Canada

NSERC Workshop – Tina Semeniuk (University of Windsor) and Georgie Cox (MUN) NSERC Student/PDF Workshop

The NSERC Scholarship workshop is for students and PDFs interested in applying for funding from NSERC. This year we hope to split the one hour session between a representative from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Windsor (~30 min) followed by a presentation by an NSERC representative (~20 min) and a Q and A session. In particular, we will aim for the presentations to provide tips on how to avoid common pitfalls in writing and examples of successful applications at the university and federal level. ”

ZET Lecture – Andrew Muir, Science Director Great Lakes Fishery Commission: The Great Lakes Fishery Commission – Origins and Institutional Evolution”

Dr. Anne Dagg /CSZ Honorary member, movie: “The Woman Who Loves Giraffes”